Hello dear R˙che-fan & collector,

My name's Thomas Brogli and I live in Switzerland. I became a R˙che-fan back in 1984 when I first saw their "Queen of the reich" clip on TV. That song just blew me away, and I bought "The warning" and surly the EP. But I was far from being a serious collector. It was after the release of the mega-opus "Operation: mindcrime" when I got interested in buying all those promo-releases and foreign pressings, and since then it's like an addiction.
This page is dedicated to my most favorite band and all you collectors out there who are hunting for R˙che-items. My goal with this page is to give you a kind of "Online- collectors-guide". So you may see many of the R˙che-relatet items that are existing out there. I hope that I may update the page regulary with new stuff. If you have any questions about the items (also on ones not featured on the pages), feel free to ask me. Any suggestions and comments are also welcome. And remember, the items are NOT for sale so please don't make any offers.

Take hold

Thomas Brogli
e-mail: brogli@gmx.net

If you want to have a little view in my 'Promised land' you may click here.